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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

تم افتتاح مدونة


المدونة الخاصة بالحلول البسيطة

لن أتكلم عن المدونة لانها فعلا بسيطة وسأعرف رأيكم من خلال مشاركتكم فيها مستقبليا ان شاء الله

أتمنى أن تعجبكم الفكرة


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WordCamp egypt 2009 feedback

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al salam alykom

Word Camp 2009 was today.

actually the sessions were really good and the attendance was great!!

i liked the sessions of the day, they all were related to each other and not hard to be understood, that’s the really amazing thing! :D.

i really liked bingorabbit‘s session, it was wonderful actually 😀

i’d like to thank everyone who helped making this event happen, it’s my pleasure to attend such event.

special thanks to the sessions presenters!! .. (specially my friend “Eleven“)

the day was more powerful coz of Jane Wells attendance (our guest from automattic)

she was presenting the first session (which i actually missed, but i didn’t miss the last Questioning part :))

at the end of the day, a group of us went to “Bahjat & Samir” then we catched up with the others who went to “Mirage”

it was one of the most successful days the CAT ever seen 🙂 (ofcourse after Scope 8 )

we all enjoyed our time! 😀

now i just have to get ready for my “Open Source Graphics” session 😀 😀

wish me good luck! 😀

thanks 🙂


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Comment Threading

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i just enabled comments threading

it’s really powerful! 😀

i’ve already tried it in the previous post

comment threading

you can use it too

just goto your dashboard –> settings –> Discussion

then you’ll find the option >> “enable threaded (nested) comments # levels deep”

(#) is the number of comments under each comment

so “3” levels means two comments under the original comment

you might want to read more.

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السلام عليكم

بدأت أنا و صاحبي محمود البنا في عمل بلوج جديد اسمه


الإسم عبارة عن:

Tricks + Technology news

بصراحة المفروض اننا كنا هنعمل الإسم


بس لقيناه موجود للأسف

اختيار الإسم كان صعب شوية المرة دي عشان كنا عايزين حاجة مميزة ممكن العرب و الأجانب يفكروا فيها

ممكن تزوروا البلوج هنا:


لسه مابدأناش في البلوج فعليا

بس ان شاء الله قريبا جدا 🙂

و ان شاء الله البلوج ده مش هيقف

عشان احنا هنختار الناس الـ Active و نعرض عليهم الدخول

فمش هيبقى زي أي مشروع تاني ….

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