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it’s good to share your stuff with others!


RSS Feeds

here is the complete list 🙂

Posts Feed


Comments Feed








this is the HTML code i used to make these rss items look like this 🙂
please feel free to modify and distribute this code 🙂
it’s useful anyway!! 😀

<table style="text-align:center;" border="0">
<td>[caption width="60" caption="Posts"]<a href=""><img title="Posts Feed" src="" alt="Posts Feed" /></a>[/caption]</td>


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15 Responses to “Share your feed reader”

RSS Feed for BooDy's BloG Comments RSS Feed

and now i’m reading your reader! 😀

interesting!! 🙂

thnx for sharing, my friend 🙂

and this is mine 😀

i havent shared anything since long time anyway

thnx for sharing!!

you know … i didn’t share specific items till now, but i’m sharing the folders i have, i think it’s better this way! 🙂

I want to understand more in this topic !!!


ok that’s not too hard, i’ll be explaining the RSS and the Feed Readers in another topic isa 🙂

thnx for passing by Marwa 🙂

u w 🙂

I understand what RSS is ,
but in my blog i don’t know how i can make rss in comments
عندى مثلا
لو جين تعمل ده
هتلاقى فى حاجتين أنا مش عارفه ايه الفرق !!!

طيب أنا دلوقتي تهت 😀
الفرق بين ايه معلش؟ 😀

Comments RSS
و الـ
Posts RSS?

ولا قصدك على ايه؟!

قوليلي بالظبط مكان الحاجة اللي مش فاهماها فين في البلوج بتاعك؟! 🙂

سوري امتحانات بقى و الواحد مش مركز 😀

هتلاقى فى علامه ال rss
فوق جنب اللينك
دوس عليها كده وشوف هيطلعلك ايه ؟!

انتي قصدك على الـ
Atom Feed (v.s) RSS Feed

howa el Atom zay el RSS bas el Atom et3amal 3la ennoh Alternative for RSS, 3shan el RSS feh shwayet Restrictions (l7ad delwa2ty mesh 3aref heya eh) 😀

w bel nesba le your Comments feed
hya mawgooda 3andek gowa el site nafsoh 🙂

أيوه اللى جوا السايت ده أنا عارفاه
بس برده لسه مش فاهمه ايه الفرق 😦

على العموم شكرا 🙂

مش عارف اقوللك ايه بصراحة!!

بس ان شاء الله هبقى أتكلم عن الحوار ده في بوست تاني قريب 🙂

بس يارب مانساش 😀

i really like to share my stuff with my friends
thanx 4 the post
i’ll do it soon ISA

guys … i added the code of one item of those so anybody can use it 🙂

انا كنت فكرت فى الموضوع ده ….بس ماكنوتش اعرف بيتعمل ازاى 😐

كويس ان حضرتك حطيت الكود ….. ان شاء الله هابقى اجربه 🙂

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